Emo Coin - $EMO

A Binance Smart Chain DeFi deflationary token with non-custodial staking and charity support.

Emo Coin is an emoji based meme coin with a game and NFT marketplace, combined with new emoji packs.

(players own, sell, trade, and collect NFT assets)

Built-in Automated Rewards Farming technology. Just hold $EMO in your wallet, and watch your balance grow!

Automatic 6% reflection from every transaction.

2% Dividend shib to Holder

1% Burned

2% Marketing

1% Back


About the project

Emo Coin $EMO is an emoticon coin that players will use to interact with other players, thus making the use of emoticons more popular and competing in the crypto space to create exclusive emoticons for the game, which is designed to be fun and competitive. Allowing players to own emojis and customize NFT emojis using owned NFT assets (including their avatars and daily use) and providing a marketplace for making and trading them.







GameFi + NFT Market

Real emoticon Tycoon

Own NFT to get a foothold in the NFT market. Bet $EMO to increase your winnings.
Bet $EMO to increase your winnings. Players who stake NFT can enjoy the dividends of the NFT market. they will receive a percentage of the fee.

NFT Market

Everyone can create and distribute NFTs in the NFT Marketplace.
which allows players to purchase favorite NFTs and use the NFT assets they own.


In the future, we will develop more games, so that your emotions are not in EMO, and you can get more income by playing and earning

EMO Roadmap

This is just the beginning - check out our roadmap for EMO

Phase 1 - Q1 2022


  • Whitepaper launch
  • Community Building starts
  • Telegram members 5000
  • Emo Coin Holders 1000
  • Twitter Followers 2000

  • Listing

  • Coinmarketcap Listing
  • Coingecko Listing
  • BscScan Listing
  • CEXs Listing

  • Marketing

  • Media Releases
  • Google, IG Ads
  • Twitter Trending
  • AMA by Founder

  • Game & Design

  • Design of NFT items
  • NFT Marketplace v1
  • Game Beta Launch


We have many things cooking.. Check out on Emo Coin whitepaper!

Charity Donation Process

We expect this process to evolve over time, for example if the community wants us to support a particular charity with a regular donation. As always, we will be guided by what you want.

EMO community charity liaison: EMOCOINM


If you have an idea for a charity we should support let us know through our social channels. Every month Us will be monitoring these and compiling your ideas. At 3pm UTC every first day of the month, we will compile these into a shortlist of two charities.


We will then load the voting poll on our website and announce the six options through our socials. Voting on the poll is then open and will remain open until 3am UTC on the following Tuesday.


The donation is then made to the number one charity in the poll. We will get a receipt for the donation, and post details here and also through our socials.


Why can’t I buy / sell on pancakeswap, it keeps giving me an error?

This is likely either slippage being too low (minimal slippage is 6%) or not setting the EMO amount to a round number, or contact us on any of our social platforms - we'll be happy to help!
1% of each transaction is reflected into dead address, ceasing to exist. You can track the burnt token count by looking at the burn address.
Reach out on telegram, twitter. We truly would love to hear from you.
Bscscan doesn’t seem to refresh certain pages, like the holders page. Click on your address and on the next page you’ll see your balance updated.